Duarte Giovanni

Giovanni Duarte

Web Services Manager

Name:Duarte Giovanni
Date of birth:
Address:Orlando Florida
I am a clever guy who looks for issues and opportunities for improvement with anything I work or do. More importantly, I know how to find solutions to resolve those problems and provide better end user experience.


1997 - 1999

Information Technology

Adventist University of Colombia (UNAC)

This program has a concentration in Business Administration and was completed with a GPA of 4.5/5


2001 - 2007

Larking Center – Behavior and Mentally...

Education Technologist

Education Technologist

  • Create, Develop and Support education technology projects
  • Develop and implement educational projects with students.
  • Assist with computer educational software
  • Teach staff new technologies and generate new educational resources
  • Train staff to utilize classroom and office computers
  • Elaborate training materials (manuals, PowerPoint presentations, websites)

School’s Manager of Technology.

  • Define needs, recommend, evaluate, and acquire technology (software/hardware)
  • Develop and integrate new technology
  • Manage and supervise technological projects
  • Install software and troubleshoot computer problems
  • Support and manage the data information of the school’s departments
  • Develop and design Larkin Center School’s Web Page (intranet)
  • Design, create and support MS Access Database for intervention and reading
  • Troubleshoot 50 computers (Hardware, Software and Network )
2010 - present

DeVry University

Online Adjunct Instructor

Online Instructor for BIS155 (Data Analysis with Spreadsheets)

2007 - 2012

DeVry Online Services

Web Conferencing Administrator | Learning Management System Administrator

Web Conferencing Administrator

  • Develop a plan for new web conferencing integration and implementation for DeVry, Keller, and Chamberlain
  • Develop, maintain, and update live lecture database.
  • Enhance process to schedule live lecture instructors with the organization’s standards
  • Develop training and support materials for live lectures. Train and support the faculty, Program Deans, Faculty Managers and other departments
  • Administrate all web conferencing solutions (Adobe Connect, WebEx, and Elluminate)
  • Create, Develop and Support Live Lectures courses

Learning Management System Administrator

  • Manage user accounts
  • Create, maintain, and update master and rolled shells
  • Update, repair, create content in course shells
  • Maintain the web conferencing repository
  • Create and maintain announcements
2011 - 2013

DeVry Online Services

Senior Information Technologist
  • Research of emerging technologies for online education (mobile, social networking)
  • Investigation and implementation of collaboration tools for online education
  • Implementation of web conferencing technologies for DeVry, Keller, and Chamberlain
  • Recipient of DeVry’s Pride Award
2011 - present

DeVry Education Group

eLearning Accessibility
  • Manage and develop a strategy to ensure inclusive design and accessibility for DeVry, Keller, Chamberlain, and Carrington online courses. This included a new course template, multimedia development strategy, coding techniques, and processes
  • Create the Accessibility Guidelines site and resources for Subject Matter Experts, Instructional Designers, Web Developers, and procurement
  • Implement successfully inclusive design and accessibility techniques to multiple projects
  • Develop multiple processes and implemented systems to enhance student accommodation process
  • Active member of Illinois Board of Higher Education. Presented webinars to other colleges and universities about accessibility technologies and techniques
  • Develop a database system to maintain the ADA information across DeVry, Keller, and Chamberlain Online
  • Research and implement web technologies to enhance student’s experience in the courses. i.e. MathML, JQuery, and Assistive technologies
2013 - present

DeVry Education Group

Web Services Manager
  • Manage the course development and accessibility teams.
  • Developed a new WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant template for courses
  • Developed new technique and technologies for course development team. It decreased the time development to 50%
  • Manage overall course production, accessibility, and course support across DeVry institutions  
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